Bowen & Emmett in Lothian

I’d like to share something with you. But only if you’re ready for it.

You see… it’s a little unusual. Some people find it a bit of a challenge.

It’s the idea that you can be free

Free from pain. Free from stress. Free from anxiety. Free to explore the possibilities…

Your body can move freely. Your energy can flow freely. Your spirit can breathe freely.

How does that feel?  Give yourself permission

Now is the time to set yourself free; to try a different approach; one that might actually get you to where you want to be.

Curious?     Call me on 07989133215.

Not sure yet?

Read more about Bowen over here. You could also run a Google search on “Bowen + [the thing you’d like to fix]”. That’s how sure I am that you’ll like what you read. You need to know this is for you. I also use the Emmett Technique to make some changes. Read more here

Need a quick fix? Tell me about it!

Call me, and we’ll chat. No obligation, no sales pitch. Just you and me and a good blether.


EMMETT Technique The Chameleon Approach to the Body