Bowen & Emmett in Lothian

I’d like to share something with you. But only if you’re ready for it.
You see… it’s a little unusual. Some people find it a bit of a challenge.
It’s the idea that you can be free.  Free from pain. Free from stress. Free from anxiety. Free to explore the possibilities…

Your body can move freely. Your energy can flow freely.Your spirit can breathe freely.

How does that feel?  Give yourself permission

A Session goes like this:

You’ll tell me what doesn’t work, what hurts, what’s stuck and what triggers the pain.

Wearing loose clothes, you’ll lie on the treatment table, warm under blankets, while I make some changes.  Just occasionally you’ll sit or stand. I’ll make specific Bowen & Emmett Technique moves and leave the room periodically to allow you to relax fully and give your body time to adjust. These periods of quiet are an essential part of the process to reduce body stress – it’s not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during them! Plan for around 40-50 minutes.

Once you’re done, I’ll give you a glass of water and check you’re awake enough to drive before I let you back out into the world.

How long will it take to get better?

I work differently with every individual, tailoring your treatment to fit your needs.   Some people respond and change more quickly. Chronic or long-term conditions may require more sessions to bring lasting change. Many people get treated regularly to keep them balanced and feeling well.

Curious?     Call me on 07989133215.
Not sure yet? This is what others say

NP, Borders “By my 3rd visit I felt 10 times better. Since then Mary has helped me enormously with not only my neck but the pain in my knees due to osteoarthritis, also keeps my hot flushes at bay and my anxiety.”

AC, Midlothian “I gave up athletics due to my back issues and since going to Mary I’ve been able to start my training again.”

DA, Midlothian, “I had been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc, causing me a great deal of pain and a severe lack of movement. I had six sessions of Bowen and I am back to normal. I have my life back and its all down to Bowen therapy.“

PC, Edinburgh, Mary has a wonderful gentle presence and healing hands, her knowledge and skills within the Bowen technique ensured a relaxing and therapeutic visit for treatment. Well worth it and highly recommended!!!”

AR, Edinburgh, many thanks to Mary for her very professional, caring treatment – she will tell you I often have trouble getting up from her treatment couch as I am so relaxed!

CT, Scottish Borders, “Since treatment I have been able to do everything I could do before it started. I felt better after every treatment session and the condition is now resolved.

EMMETT Technique The Chameleon Approach to the Body