About Mary

Who am I?

I’ve experienced first hand how Bowen & Emmett Techniques work and every single day I’m amazed and excited to see the changes that can happen.

A change in direction in my life had me looking for a way to work with people who also want to embrace change to achieve what they can.

The process of change is like death & taxes. No matter what stage you are at, you can and will change.

I also love to wander in my beautiful garden in the morning sunshine, or meandering along the beach building pebble towers. When Scottish weather allows!

Want more of my story?

I am passionate about how Bowen & EMMETT Techniques  can bring about lasting changes so I make it a priority to update my skills via the best teachers so I have a great range of tools to make changes with.

  • Bowen Practitioner P1-5 ECBS Paula Esson & Julian Baker (88 hrs/1 yr)
  • Bowen for Sport (2days) Paula Esson
  • Fascia Bowen (2days) Howard Plummer
  • Emmett Technique Full Practitioner Sue Gassick Emmett UK (88 hrs/1 yr)
  • Practitioner Development (2days) Michael Morris ECBS
  • Hormonal Release & TMJ workshop (4days) Ron Phelan NST
  • Emergency First Aid (1 day)
  • The Importance of Symmetry& Targeting Primary Disfunction  Graham Pennington
  • TMJ 1&2 (jaw and neck) Ron Phelan NST
  • Advanced Emmett Practitioner 1-6  Ross Emmett, Sue Gassick & Lesley Salt
  • Pelvis&Lumbar Spine,Upper Torso & Neck,Lower Extremities, Clinical Gems – John Garfield

Call me and we can chat: 07989133215

Professional Affiliations and Insurance

It’s important you feel you have some protection as a client, so be reassured, I’m a Member of the Bowen Professional Therapy Association (BPTA) and of course, I’m also fully insured to practice and governed by a code of practice, a requirement for membership of the governing body I belong to. I am also a member of The Healing Trust (NFSH) and did some voluntary work with Healing Hands Network (HHN) in Sarajevo working with survivors of trauma.

Everyone has a wonderful body, though not everyone is healthy and able to participate in an active life with ease. I have been one of the latter. It’s how I came to do this work and I know from first hand experience the benefits Bowen & Emmett Techniques can bring.