Bowen & Emmett Techniques as Post Trauma Treatment

I have known for a long time that the quicker I can treat a client after they have injured themselves or sustained any kind of physical trauma, the quicker their recovery.

I recently came across an article on Post Concussion Syndrome where a study indicated   “31 of the 33 treated cases, 93%, experienced a significant reduction in symptom severity as well as overall betterment one-hour post treatment.”

And   “19 of 33 treated cases (57%) were fully asymptomatic within 24 hours post-session. 24 of the 33 treated cases (72%) were symptom-free in 48 hours. 30 of 33 treated cases, 90 %, experienced fully asymptomatic recoveries in 72 hours.”

In addition  “78% of treated athletes (26 of 33) were independently medically verified as recovered by team trainers or doctors and granted official sports medicine clearance to return to play within 72 hours post-session.”

Bowen as Sports Medicine – Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) Craig Mattimoe

The symptoms from a concussion can last for weeks and months after the initial injury. This is known as Post Concussion Syndrome. Doctors, teachers and parents can find information here on  training in the recognition, treatment and management of concussion

There are few peer-reviewed research articles on soft tissue remedial therapies like Bowen & Emmett Techniques. Primarily this is because of the complexity of running such a study and there is little funding around to pay for them.  BUT small studies like these demonstrate that Bowen & Emmett Techniques,  applied quickly after trauma,  can positively aid recovery, as  anecdotal  testimonials  from practitioners and clients around the world confirm.

So, next time you fall, pull a muscle or have an accident, call me asap for a session and you will be back in action if no time.